Muscle Spasms From David Halliday Experimental Frequencies Success A Lot

By | December 9, 2022

I am running the David Halliday experimental frequencies. I ran one for muscle spasms (back pain) and was absolutely amazed at the improvement.
#0035 Back Pain & Inflammation (General)
… have run others and seem to be having very good results. Really excited to have found this!!
I will add here: DH Experimental Frequencies are found under Presets>Miscellaneous>DH Experimental Frequencies>Remote (If you click on DH Experimental Frequencies below Remote/Scalar you will find more info.)
I ran the mandatory #0001 & #0002 plus the next few. Then I ran #0035 which switched off after the time stated. I ran it twice.
Today I still have far less pain and can now stand for much longer when speaking to people at a gathering, but as this is from an injury which happened a very long time ago and continually causes pain, I intend to run the programme again in a few days.


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