MW Frequencies for Gengivitis

By | August 29, 2016

Hello everyone!

So, I were dealing with two kinda of inflammatory process: Proctitis and Gengivitis, my gengivitis was PRETTY bad, herbs moutwashes wasen’t working.

I decided to test MW frequencies for this.

I’ve runned Ibuprofen MW with JW Molecular Weight preset (20 amp instead of 4).

But also I did some research and discovered the Molecular Weight from 3 natural anti-inflammatory compounds.

Helenalin, Dihydrohelenalin and Chamazulene from Arnica and Chamomila plants.

Created a custom set with these and runned with JW Molecular Weight preset with 20 amp.

In the next day my gengivitis was 80% better, now its 100% (4 days later).

Now, 4 days later I’ve stopped the Natural anti-iflammatory sets and left Ibuprofen running, my mouth is still fine.

The proctitis is gone, can’t feel it anymore.

Thanks to everyone who did the M.W. discovery, it works wonderfully… ( I’m running now the M.W. of serotonin, working very well on my mood by the way).


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