My achy all over pain is GONE and I slept!!!

By | August 24, 2017

Joe suggested using the Long Pain under the cancer protocol a few days ago for pain management and he put this link with his comment. I have various health issues and one of them is fibromyalgia. I’ve been having this horrible flairup lately for the past monthly and a half and can’t seem to find anything on the spooky to help. It’s the all over achy pain that I have to keep pressure on my legs so not sleeping walking around in the middle of the night helps calm the legs, but not sleeping. Anyhow, I tried this LONG PAIN under the cancer protocol. Wow! After running it 2x through yesterday, then pausing and running it this morning for another time (total of 3x – – 3 hr 14 min program on remote), my achy all over pain is GONE and I slept!!! It also helped with my DDD so it wasn’t so horrible this morning. Just wanted to thank Joe for posting this and being a great admin/advocate 🙂

Chronic Neck and Back Pain Stemming from DDD (Degenerative Disk Disease)







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