My Back Pain Disappeared and Never Returned

By | March 24, 2024

Hello all. I was diagnosed with advanced pleural mesothelioma last December and was told there was no treatment, and that I had three to twelve months to live. After starting some alternate vitamin therapy, I became aware that the clinic was doing a research project to evaluate the effectiveness of rife therapy on cancer patients. As I am an electronics technician, and a retired nurse, this really sparked my interest.
The bottom line is that after playing with the Spooky2 software for a couple of weeks, I ordered the Gen X pro and Central with both the tube and globe. They arrived a week and a half ago when I was in agony with lower back pain. I put up with it for nearly a week then thought I would try Spooky remote running the back spasm program. To my amazement, the pain was completely gone in less than one hour and it hasn’t come back!
As far as my cancer is concerned, I have been mostly using the Central tube as my cancer involves over 20 tumours all around the right lung. The toxin level after using the globe for the first time was a bit much requiring extensive detox (yes, I did detox beforehand). In this short time, I have noticed a reduction in pain, and an improvement in breathing. The effect of the vitamin treatment has also been enhanced following the rife treatments.
If you are wondering what programs I am using, I am alternating between the original two cancer frequency Rife used with his 16 patients, along with the mesothelioma frequencies. I am also running remote detox and organ support. I am so impressed I have just ordered another Gen X Pro kit so I can run four remotes at once.
If anyone else has any experience with mesothelioma, I would be very interested.


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