My Chest Infection and MF Colon Cancer Were Gone by Spooky2 Remote

By | May 21, 2020

Hi there,

Since I’ve had the unit I’ve only done one program on myself for a chest infection brought about from sanding and my mask not fitting tightly and breathing in teak dust… it was amazing for that, gone within 3 days just using the remote method! Then a friend of a friend of mine in another city was diagnosed with colon cancer (she understands why, because mainly from emotion baggage she has held on to since childhood – which was triggered by some traumatic events about 8 years ago, all of which has manifested as the cancer).. she has been doing meditation around her healing and she sent me her hair and nail to use remotely. Luckily because of the Virus outbreak happened here just as I got my machine she has had her surgery postponed until further notice👍

So I’ve been running a program comprised of 5 elements for her for 8 weeks now non-stop and she says she feels amazing and is convinced she’s cancer free! She’s going next week for tests to find out if she is… I’ll keep you posted👍

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