My Circulating Tumor Count Went Down Significantly With Spooky2 Central

By | February 21, 2024

Hello all, I’m new to the Spooky 2 community. This post isn’t specifically tech related, but kind of falls between an early success story and request for community support.

I have chosen metabolic therapy and natural herbs instead of conventional cancer treatments. So far nodal disease has gone away and tumour is stable. I added the Spooky 2 Central device to these protocols 6 weeks ago. I was initially very skeptical as I knew nothing about energy frequencies (and my understanding of physics isn’t very deep). So I did a blood test before and after using it the first time to make sure. As you can see, my circulating tumour count (CTC) went down significantly the day after using it. This blew my mind!

Overall, since starting Spooky 2, something in me has changed. I can’t explain it, but I just feel so much better from within. Perhaps that’s why it’s called “spooky?!”👻

Thank you kindly!


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