My Colleague with Stage 4 Bone Cancer Felt Much Better Using Spooky2

By | November 12, 2019

During August 2018 one of my colleagues at work was diagnosed with stage 4 bone cancer. Four years previous she had breast cancer, they removed both breasts and gave her chemo and in 2018 they discovered it came back metastasized into the bone structure. She had 3 tumors, one in the neck and two in her hip. When I spoke to her she was waiting for authority from her medical insurance for further treatment.

I then offered to treat her free of charge with Spooky while she wait for the authority to come through. She came to my office at least three times a week for an hour contact session the rest of the time I treated her on Remote. I also recommended a strict diet and some supplements which she followed religiously. The supplements were Del Immune V (the most powerful immune modulator available), Black Cumin Oil, Moringa, Coral Calcium, and Curcumin.

Initially, I started with a breast cancer program but got no reaction and then changed to bone cancer and alternated it with the preset cancer programs. On all these, I got reactions in the form of herxheimers but mostly tiredness, that confirmed to me that it was working. These programs were also running 24/7 on the remote when she was not busy with a contact session. On the other remote I alternated various detox programs and blood cleansing as mentioned in your little booklet.

After the treatment started working she started to experience pain, I remember one day she phoned me and said that the pain was unbearable. I then immediately started running a cancer pain program on a third remote and within half an hour she phoned me back and said that the pain was completely gone. When she first came to me she had high blood pressure, high sugar levels, high cholesterol, low iron levels and low pH (6,2). On the 20th of November, she went for a scan and the results were; the metastasis has stopped and if I could show you the pictures then you can see how the tumors actually started to shrink when compared to the initial scan she had in May.

Additional to that all the other vital signs I mentioned above were back to normal and her pH by then was 7. She also told her Oncologist that she was not going to do chemo but rather continue doing what she’s been doing, he was not very happy about it. So we carried on with the treatment and for the bone cancer program round about December, I started applying wobulation and harmonics from time to time just in case the cancer cells developed resistance to the treatment. By December she was so much better that she went for a holiday in Thailand.

I carried on with the treatment until April after which she showed no further reaction to the treatment. In May of this year she was due for her next six moth scan but the doctor refused to do it and his exact words to her was “there is nothing in it for him”, only after she threatened him with reporting him to the Medical Council did he do the scan and the result was no further treatment required. She is now well and healthier than ever before.



4 thoughts on “My Colleague with Stage 4 Bone Cancer Felt Much Better Using Spooky2

  1. Becky Holden

    Could you tell me what DNA you used for the remote in this particular situation and how often you changed out the DNA.

    Thank you so much for your time.

    1. Echo Lee Post author

      Hi Becky.

      It is recommended to put nails, saliva, buccal skin cells, blood, and hair in the Remote. And fingernails may be the best choice for you. And nail specimens may be best renewed each month.

      1. Sharon

        Can we use more than 1 type of DNA sample from the same person to double, or triple the force we get?


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