My dog pretty much trotted on our walk for the first time

By | October 1, 2022

This is my dog Mosi. She is 13 now. A Husky Malamute cross. 6 and 7 years ago she had both Cruciate Ligaments operated on respectively. She was on Yumove then Yumove advanced and in the past 8 months has been having an injection every 5 weeks to help her. Recently they have been only lasting 3 weeks. 2 months ago I ordered my Spooky 2 XM generator starter pack and started her on
Hip Joint Pain and
Muscle Regeneration programmes using remote. Today was the first time in around 3 years that she pretty much trotted on our walk. At one point I had run to catch up with her
Thank you John and everyone in the spooky team. I can’t thank you enough


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