My Entire Family Has Benefited From The Terrain Program

By | March 11, 2022

I have been extremely satisfied with every step of the process with my Spooky2 XM which I received January 21, 2022. The customer service is stellar with speedy responses, kindness and generosity. I was able to successfully get going with my generators with the helpful training videos, FB group and emails. My entire family has benefited from the Terrain program and I have conducted bio-feedback on myself thus far. I’m running daily programs for all of us with positive results. Early on I started a journal documenting the programs used and progress. My son benefitted the most from his first run through the Terrain program. After 2 days he noticed increased energy, mental clarity and general well being. I recommend this device to everyone and continue to educate people on the technology and benefits. My advice–spend a extra and buy more than one generator. I already am seeing the need for a few more generators!

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