My Ex-Husband’s Macular Degeneration Was Relieved

By | December 2, 2021

I have been running the Macular Degeneration programs on my ex-husband for several months. I am running them on both remote and plasma. He has a GenX and a booster, so we started there with the macular degeneration programs for remote. I added Preset Macular Degeneration JW (R) , Eye Disorders (R), MacD 1 (R) XTRA, MacD (R) ETDF and had the sequence repeat indefinitely. That was the first thing and we ran that for several months with no obvious improvement. The eye doctor was giving him shots in the eyes during this time. The doctor’s treatments weren’t givi9ng the results he had anticipated, so the doctor discontinues those. We continued with the GenX and remote.
In the meantime, I set up my Spook2 Plasma with an XM Generator and a Phanotron Tube located within a 5 ft. radius. Similar programming, though I believe I added Eyesight to Improve. Maybe one of the recommended color frequencies also. I run it full time, though mostly it will be effective while he sleeps. After about 2 months, when he next visited his doctor, the Drusen in his right eye had completely disappeared. He had confessed to his doctor that he was doing this. The doctor had no other explanation and is watching his progress. No improvement in his vision, bur with the Drusen gone, I am hoping that will occur next. No change yet in the other eye. Both are affected. I hope this helps you and anyone else needing to see this. We are not done trying and I’ll post again when there are more results. On the other channel of the GenX, I ran an empty killing preset and 15 programs to kill any parasites. Just in case MacD is caused or enhanced by parasites.

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