My fiancé has experienced the results from the Rife machine controlling her Hashimoto’s thyroid disease. He also ran it on my daughter that has severe endometriosis and she was beside herself when he ran this on her with great results.

By | May 14, 2018

Happy Birthday spooky 2. I’m extremely happy I’ve had the pleasure of meeting you and fellow rifer’s and friends.
This is my success story and I am truly blessed to be able to share this with you today. If you will, let me set the stage of where I was at in my life, before this illness took over my life.
In 2008 I was starting a new life and along the way I had met a wonderful woman, who just lost her husband several years before, to cancer. There is no doubt in my mind that the good Lord had his hands in this the whole time.
September of 2012 my fiancé and I we’re sitting on the front porch enjoying the evening sunset and the mosquitoes seem to be real bad. Several weeks later Sue and I started feeling ill. Didn’t really think much of it, cold or flu it’ll pass in time I thought. My fiancé recovered within a couple of weeks, I did not.
I ended up in the hospital with multiple symptoms and they finally did some blood work for West Nile virus. It came back positive, but mine had gone neuro invasive. Which means it crossed the blood-brain barrier and went into the brain. I had the encephalitis and meningitis but there really is no treatment other than keep you out of pain and keep you hydrated. The neurological symptoms we’re horrendous, complete confusion, disorientation, lack of comprehension and concentration, high fever, severe fatigue, full-body rash, and it just felt like your brain was in a blender. I was a good definition of zombie. All I could think of was, Oh Lord, please not now, thinking of my fiancé, we’re just getting started and didn’t want to put her through that again. She’s been through enough.
For the last 15 years I’ve been running health-related support group dealing with many people across the country that had fallen ill from mold in water damaged buildings. Over the years discussing many alternative treatments the Rife machine has been mentioned. So I was aware of it.
Not long after I had fallen ill, a new member had joined my support group and we started talking. Brian was very knowledgeable and he had a Rife machine along with the remote. Of course I was very skeptical but open to everything, not that I had much of a choice. He told me to send him my fingernail for DNA so he could run some programs on me.
When he received my fingernail, at that time I was out in the yard struggling to work through it, and to do some yard work. I told him to give me a couple of hours and I’ll contact you when I’m ready. I was sitting at the computer, it was about 6pm and I was completely exhausted and worn out and ready for bed. I just couldn’t deal with it anymore. I didn’t know which end was up and my fiancé was extremely concerned. It wasn’t getting any better, and at one point I started losing my legs. I didn’t have any control and couldn’t even stand. I had found out later on, many have suffered from paralysis from the waist down. I contacted Brian and asked him what do I need to do?
Download a program on the computer; listen to frequencies over the telephone. He said no just relax and it will all be taken care of. Talk about confused. Okay if you say so. He started the program and I could barely hold my eyes open at that time. No more than 20 minutes after he started the program I could feel all the symptoms that were mainly neurological drain from my body. It scared the hell out of me and I couldn’t believe it. I felt like a totally new person as if I wasn’t even sick. Sue couldn’t believe it! I said to myself, this isn’t possible, this is just a coincidence. Boy was I wrong!
Thank God Brian came into my life when he had, otherwise there’s no telling what would have happened. He ran these programs on me every day for at least the first 3 to 6 months when the symptoms were the worst. Even other people that saw me when I was extremely ill and knew I had contacted my friend and within several minutes they could see a difference. They just shook their head and so did I.
I guess you can say I’m a little stubborn, I have never been one to ask others for help but this time I didn’t have any choice. Of course it worked to my benefit and it got me to where I am today. My friend has run these programs on me for about 3 years. At times when I was at work I can feel the symptoms coming on and I would call him. Can you start those programs for me please? It never fails within about 20 minutes everything seems to clear up. I’m not sure how long he’s had the Rife machine but he hasn’t kept up with the new software until I was finally able to purchase a kit for myself. I downloaded the program and also TeamViewer to where he could come into my computer and help me set it up. He was amazed to see the new program and all the new updates for West Nile virus. When Brian first ran it on me I believe there were about 30 frequencies. And now there are about 800. I have run all the new ones for about a week and a half and I have not had any symptoms at all for over a month. Brian has now updated to the most recent software.
My fiancé has experienced the results from the Rife machine controlling her Hashimoto’s thyroid disease. He ran it on her one time and she did not have to take her medication for over a year. He also ran it on my daughter that has severe endometriosis and she was beside herself when he ran this on her with great results. All she said to me was Dad, how does this work. I just smiled to myself! So you might say there are several success stories here.
Today I am doing so much better. The medical community is not well versed concerning mosquito-borne viruses. I have learned over the years thanks to the support group I run I am not a big fan of our medical community and their lack of knowledge to treating many conditions. There is way too much unnecessary pain and suffering going on in this world today.
There are no words that I can find to express my thanks and gratitude to the spooky 2 team that have developed such a wonderful machine and has helped so many across the globe. John White you are a true blessing and all of the support team that has helped me and so many others regain control of our lives.

Thank you again

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