My grandmother had a spontaneous fracture of the tibial plateau. So I started a protocol with Spooky2 and I have very good results.

By | November 26, 2018

I am grateful to all those who work on the development of spooky 2 and all its accessories.
I will tell you the story of my grandmother who will be 93 in the month of April.
As I had already described in a post on the forum, she had a spontaneous fracture of the tibial plateau, following that and the forgetting of the hospital to give her anti-coagulant, she made a stroke with hemiplegia on the left. I started immediately Spooky 2 programs specific to his fracture (it worked very well but I put it aside to focus on bedsores) His fracture asked him to wear a resin plaster for 3 months, which left him bedridden for at least two months, I insisted heavily that we start to raise him because points of support began to form. Unfortunately, the damage was already done and the sores were formed on the sacrum. Where it was placed I could not do my chromotherapy protocols, we would have had to be two and impossible …
So I started a protocol with Spooky 2 for Tibial plateau for 2 months, excellent recovery (it does not work anymore but before)
Mireille Fracture Tibial Plateau
Minerals – Boron (XTRA)
Minerals – Copper (XTRA)
Minerals – Manganese (XTRA)
Minerals – Silica (XTRA)
Minerals – Zinc 2 (XTRA)
Calcium 2 (XTRA)
Manganese 1 (XTRA)
Bone Fractures (XTRA)
Bone Regeneration 1 (XTRA)
Bone Trauma (CAFL)
Knee Injury (ETDF)

At the same time I targeted stroke
Stroke 1 (XTRA)
Stroke (ETDF)
Paralysis from Stroke (CAFL)
Hemiplegia (ETDF)
Oxygen (XTRA)
Then I stopped that and focused on pressure ulcers because they took a lot of scale and not seeing them I did not see the evolution. It is on the sacrum with a diameter of about 2 cm at the beginning and evolve very quickly more than 10 cm in diameter. I have a program with spooky 2
Mireille escares
Bedsores 1 (XTRA)
Blister (XTRA)
Wound Healing (CAFL)

I could not have results.
I tried a new program with spooky and radionics (Adam) so I have been doing this programme every day for 3 weeks and the results are there
with spooky 2

Mireille regeneration and healing (healing)
Wound Healing (XTRA)
Healing and Regeneration 2 (XTRA)
Regeneration and Healing (XTRA)
Regeneration and Healing (XTRA)
Regeneration and Healing (CAFL)
Regeneration and Healing 1 (CAFL)
Healing Frequency Russian (XTRA)
Healing and Regeneration 1 (CAFL)

and in radionics chromotherapie magenta and green I turn it for 3h then I target the psychosomatic (because it was so bad that the pain had become psychic) Chair (balance) + Skin (protection) + Amethyst (protection) for 3h + Flowers Bach Mimule, aspen, walnut.

I have very good results see photos (sensitive soul abstain) the wound is not yet refreshing but from where I left I’m delighted and it’s on the right way!

I am very grateful for everything you do, thank you Dr. Rife, thank you John, thank you Echo, thank you Adam, thank you Sebastian, thank you all without forgetting the people who are available on the forums and on Facebook.

Spontaneous Fracture

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