My heartbeat completely normalized!

By | June 19, 2017

Would anyone know the rational as to why Schumann resonance would correct irregular heartbeat? I had been having irregular heart beats. Whenever it would skip a beat,it would cause me to stop breathing for a moment or two. My heart literally felt as if it was folding over.
I ran both Schumann resonance and emf detox in same generator for total of 7 weeks not consistently but a few weeks at a time. I noticed after running them for 3 weeks,my heartbeats started to normalize. It went from feeling as if it was folding over to light fluttering then in 4th week my heartbeat completely normalized! Not having any irregular heartbeats! I don’t think it was from doing emf detox. I think it was Schumann resonance that did that. I also think the irregular heartbeat is from emf toxicity. I’m continually being amazed by spooky!


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