My Hives Are Back To Normal With Biofeedback

By | May 13, 2022

and is Rife a ‘Big Red Button’?
Story = after 8 months of skin irritation and hives, I am now thru to the other side.
Equip = Spooky starter kit, XM gen, Pulse.
History= 8 months of Doc’s sayin ‘I dunno, what do you think?’
And swallowing handfuls of anti-biotic and steroids.
Downloaded software, learnt my stuff, bought starter kit.
Ran a BFB scan half way thru 11 day detox. Massive parasite infestation. (top 5 results at 0.01 tolerance had parasite ref)
Finished 11 day detox, then ‘WHAM’ ‘BAM’ ‘KILL’ with everything i could find… result?.
Massive Herx reaction.. loadsa dead corpses I could not clear.
So, backed off a bit.. wrote some ‘graded progs’ for parasite, ran with BFB scans contact mode with Maint Detox overnight.
Result = still loadsa Herx reaction.
So, backed off a bit more..
For the last week, have run 11th harmonic and BFB scan only in Contact mode.
left wrist, right wrist, 1 hr.
left waist, right waist, 1 hr.
left foot, right foot, 1 hr.
then 20 hr of Maint Detox on Remote.
Result = took a while, but back to normal.
No drugs, no hives, no itching.
Is Rife a ‘big red button??’
In my view .. No.
It is a tool to be used.
and like any tool, has to be learned.
Happy – Healthy – Strong.


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