My Husband Renal Cell Carcinoma Is Getting Better

By | August 23, 2019

We have 6 spooky generators and live 20 minutes out of Ft Worth. My husband had a reocurrence of renal cell carcinoma that metastisized to the bone and lungs (diagnosed October 6, 2018). We had an older rife and one of our friends told us about Spooky 2. I was very skeptical about remote rifing when our friend in FL had me over night my husband’s finger nail so he could start treating Rick while we made a decision. Rick was skeptical especially when he started getting sharp pains in his kidney. But he became a believer when his kidney function went up from 24% to 59% at our next oncologist blood test. He had stayed at 24% or under for over a month and they were wanting to put him on permanent dialysis. Next we went up to 82% and now we are at 100% with one kidney. The doctors have been stunned. Have also had success with itching. liver, normalize red blood cell, getting my voice back and leg swelling. The remote feature is amazing. Feel free to pm me if you need my number.

renal cell carcinoma


2 thoughts on “My Husband Renal Cell Carcinoma Is Getting Better

  1. Marietha Coerzer

    My husband has been diagnosed with bladder cancer stage 3A. Starting chemo therapy this week. How can spooky rife help him?


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