My Husband’s Stroke Has Improved Tremendously With Spooky2

By | September 24, 2023

I discovered Spooky2 through YouTube soon after it was introduced to the public in the early 2000s and have been a long-time customer since that time, budgeting for and adding new equipment once a year as my finances allow. I am not engaged in healthcare as a business, but do try to support my friends and church members with Spooky2 capability (that is, when they will listen to me). I was a massage therapist for a five-year period in the 1980s. So, my training there has given me a background and a strong appreciation for the benefits of alternative medicine. My husband had a stroke in early 2000s (age 62) and was not expected to live yet alone walk, talk, read or think fluently. He spent a year or so with many physicians, doctor’s appointments, and home health therapists, without much improvement. I was not particularly enamored with results of traditional healthcare after trying almost everything there. In searching the Internet for other remedies, I came across a video on YouTube by SyyEnergy7. This gentleman had nothing but good things to say about frequency healing and Spooky2 in particular and had an amazing testimony of how he had been helped with Spooky2. So, I ordered a Spooky2 XM generator and downloaded the free Spooky2 software. That began our journey with Spooky2 and with sending healing frequencies for stroke, heart attack, arteries, and brain and cerebral frequencies to my husband’s DNA. Over a period of time—maybe a year or two, little by little he regained various levels of ability to walk, talk and function (ultimately, he retained a small amount of slowness in speech and thinking, especially when he was tired; and he never recovered full dexterity in precision work with his hands or the ability to go back to work). I wish I had known about Spooky2 and had been able to start frequency treatment early on (along with traditional healthcare). I am of the belief that he would have regained a great deal more functionality with early treatment by utilizing both methods of care. Considering what we were facing at the time (either death or more of a bed-ridden, vegetative state for the remainder of his life), we rejoiced at the magnitude of improvement that came about when we introduced the use of Spooky2 frequencies. My husband lived another 16 years after his stroke and then passed away as the result of another massive stroke. Nonetheless, I am thankful for the 16 years of fairly normal life I was able to have with him by using Spooky2.
As you might guess, I cannot say enough good things about the Spooky2 product and your supportive staff. John White’s ongoing update of the free software and frequency database cannot be rivaled by any other. John White is not only compassionate; he has produced an amazing product while keeping the cost at a level that is affordable by all. His wife Echo and all the Spooky2 staff are extremely knowledgeable and supportive as well. The extensive user guides, free training videos, online support groups, and a myriad of other support avenues have been made available, free of cost, to assist new and advanced users. There is no comparison to the effectiveness, quality, affordability, and ease of use of this outstanding product. That is why I believe this product not only works, it is one that everyone should have in their home and use every day to address health issues and stay in good health.

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