My low back pain had gone completely

By | September 16, 2022

I have had some great results off the Spooky2 we were out shopping and i twisted my low back, wow did that hurt. i came home and rested for the day but was in so much pain. My husband said try the spooky, so i looked for low back pain and found one, i put the tens pads at the place i was in pain, ran it for 30 minutes and it was like the pain had gone completely, i do Reiki so i did this too on my back, then i had severe pain in my hip (have had hip trouble about 16 years) so i ran another program and it went, i know i wont heal overnight, so ive been running same programs once a day or when in pain, and it always goes i feel so much better. Amazing tech and great support. I have now been running programs on my father in law and my husband with great results.


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