My Nausea Went Away and Pain Eased

By | October 16, 2019

Just thought id post this – had a pepperoni pizza Sunday night – Monday early morning about 3 am – in and out the bathroom and nauseous every 10 mins – forgot about the spooky until about 9 am, put nausea and food poisoning programs in and from about 11/12 onwards didn’t have any nausea for the rest of the day, was still feeling very run down though and not in and out the bathroom as much! towards the end of the evening feeling better and this morning all good!

Not bad, could it have passed without this? I don’t know,

I also read another success story with someone who used the cold laser on their back,(had a dull ache last night as well) I usually get sore tendons/ back muscles from my hips/ lower back that ache constantly – used cold laser for 20 mins either side and well so far so good!- this dull ache had been there for about 2 weeks and still ok so far today.



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