My partner regained his sight since using Spooky2

By | September 5, 2022

We looked at Raymond Rifes research.
We read the forum posts.
We read what this heals.
We started testing it using the YouTube frequencies uploaded by Spooky and started getting good results from there.
We are devoted to healing holistically and have invested our money in Spooky2 various items as we trust the product.
My partner has various issues one being losing most of his sight. Since using spooky his sight in the left eye which was COMPLETELY sightless, detached retina, inoperable etc the other morning he woke me up to tell me he could see the clock on the wall. I didn’t get why this was a deal until he said ‘I m only using my left eye!!!’ It wasn’t crystal clear or anything but this is BIG for us.
So, research the product and just be honest with yourself as to whether it floats your boat or not.


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