My Scar was Completely Disappeared Using Cold Laser

By | November 13, 2019

Due to a work injury on my hand using a wrench trying to loosen some difficult bolts to make a repair.

I ended up busting my knuckle open which caused it to bleed like crazy, so I ended up wrapping my hand to stop the bleeding so I tried neosporin, castor oil, vitamin E to see if it would heal the wound and bring back my skin pigmentation that didn’t work at all. So I forgot all about Spooky2 cold laser heals scars so I gave that a try for a week and noticed immediate improvement of the scar starting to shrink. So I continued using cold laser for another week and my scar was healed completely and my hand looked as if nothing ever happened. My skin pigmentation came back as well. My girlfriend loves my hand again *Smiles* wish I could show you guys the before and after pictures. My whole reason for stumbling across Spooky2 was because I have been suffering from chronic pain due to a inguinal hernia surgery with mesh and a triple neurectomy where they cut 3 of my nerves in my abdomen. I truly can say it has helped me but I’m still learning how to use the system and software. Till this day I’m still suffering in pain and trying to see Dr’s and sometimes having to drive out of town and fly out of state to see specialists so most of my spending money is going towards all of that while I’m still working full-time keeping up my household and trying to live a somewhat normal life as much as I can. If I could win the Generator X it would save me financially, help me to do faster biofeedback scans, and ultimately help me heal quicker so I can go back living the normal that I am meant to live. But I would be grateful to win any prize to add to my Spooky2 collection.

Thank You Spooky2 Team,

Blessings and Healing to Everyone


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