My Sister’s Tumor had Shrunk Using Spooky2

By | June 12, 2020

My sister has breast cancer that has been spread to her lungs, the doctors in the hospital gave her up. She only gets medication because her tumor grows with hormones, so she doesn’t get chemo or other things.

Now we now a friend who has a plasma tube and she was diagnosed in January 2016 and would maybe live for 1.5 years. Now we are in 2020 and she is still here they can’t find anything more in her lungs and the tumor had shrunk. So we didn’t use the spooky in a while and now recently it is starting to grow again, so we bought the spooky essential kit and we also go to that friend who has the plasma tube to hopefully let it shrink again.

Since we stopped riffing the tumor grew again, so I know spooky definitely works.

2 thoughts on “My Sister’s Tumor had Shrunk Using Spooky2

  1. Hanna Elligens

    Dear Sirs
    I have been receiving spooky2 kit emails lately. I was wondering : have you sold to anyone in the Netherlands? Maybe I can hook up with this person because buying spooky2 kit does stretch my finances.
    best regards Hanna Elligens


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