My Strength And Energy Got Back

By | September 6, 2021

I purchased the Spooky2 Scalar kit which includes GenX. Initially I just tied sitting between the scar boxes and could feel tinglling, warmth and then maybe 20 minuts later I started feling cold, very uncomfortable and could feelmy heart beating faster and I just felt unwell. I drank water and took a break until the next day. That night I dreamt a lot of things, some not so pleasant and some things I had forgotten about and I personally know it is related with things I have to let go of . The dreams were strange and made me feel a bit depressed. I felt I was purging things. I have never taken any drugs (no peyote,no ahuayasca etc and not even cigarettes) but I wondered then if it was a similar experience for people who do. The next day I did a full half hour and I just prsisted regardless of symptoms. The next day I did an hour. I did have to drink lots of water as I got very thirsty – the dreams also persisted. The next day I did a biofeedback session and tried it in the scalar. This made me feel targetted tingling in my neck,shouldes and pains around my heart, very similar symptioms to what I had a few years ago when I was ill and had som nerve damage then. However after the session and maybe a few times after repeating it (despite symptoms) I now find I have the strength of my arm back almost normal and I have my energy back (back to the levels before I got sick a few years ago). I am amazed by it. I think the biofeedback is fantastic. I do feel it can be scary to get treatment as there are some weird sensations and I have felt sometimes I am too energised and have to turn the scalar off. I have aftr trying it for a few weeks bought a GenX kit for my parents to use

Source: Carolina Duque

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