My Success Story of Helping with Tiredness, Fatigue and Low Energy Levels

By | July 1, 2022

Here is another success story of mine.
These 2 presets are meant for those who suffer tiredness, fatigue and low energy levels
I came home from work. I had to get up at 5am. Whole day i had no energy, no will, no motivation. For my work inluced lifting heavy burdens, my muscles start to hurt. Felt pain in muscles like infammation kind of pain.
Then i combined these two sets from DH experimential:
1. 119: Cranial Sacral Balance frequencies
0044: Scalar Healing Energy from UniverseGod
2. 127: Frequency Specific Microcurrent
0065: Cell Volt (normal potential 70mlv)
100: Eliminate muscle Spasms
In 10min i felt shrivers down my muscles,… Whole body. Feeling of total relaxation appeared in head area. Whole body relaxed and rejuvenated
I advice using this preset when you feel down, tired or would love to help your body. It really helps. Also if you have any pain in joints
Advice of using it according to your body needs, feelings is recommended.
Jure Zoubek, Slovenia


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