My Success Story of Treating Stroke and Parkinson’s with Spooky2 Scalar

By | October 29, 2021

l am glad l shared this truthful success story.I hope it will encourage others. I have noaffiliation to Spooky2 or anyone in that excellent organisation but at my age have nointention of dying at 77 as my father did of a stroke and Parkinson’s.Call it desperation,but it is working for me.No regrets as l feel fitter now than l have done for decades. l stillhave many health problems that l manage to control, but l will tackle each one with intelligent research and rife scalar therapy.Just to add another fact. A plant that l wasgiven several months ago has been sharing the scalar field with me and has grownanother 4 inches and has another shoot growing beside it as you can see in the phototaken today. I am a very private individual so l won’t be sharing any videos as l like tomake the descriptions as detailed as possible.

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