No more painful breast lumps after using Spooky2

By | February 14, 2023

About 4 months after receiving my Spooky2 Central with GenX Pro plus accessories I started noticing some painful lumps in my left breast. I am a 60+ year old vegetarian male who eats a lot of bean curd which has been known to be high in natural estrogen. I also eat very few eggs, and probably too much cheese. I haven’t eaten meat since December 2008. I did a scan with the GenX Pro using the TENS pad and simply saved the results without doing a reverse lookup because I immediately put the program on Shell Preset/Remote/Healing and let it run constantly. A month later I did not have any painful areas or lumps I could detect. I ran another scan in a different area with a lookup afterwards and one of the frequencies came up as male breast cancer, so I am still running the remote all the time. I still do not have any lumps or pain, but the result is undeniable. Spooky2 works!

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