One Down…Thanks!

By | April 26, 2016

Dear Spooky team, All,
I have spooky for 3/4th of a year now.

Thanks for everything, not in the least for your time!

I have had for >20 odd years chronic progressive sarcoidosis. The prognosis was not good. ” bad luck”. I was heading the wrong way the last 5 years. Getting more and more dammage in all kind of organs.
Over here it is still a 100% auto immune disease…. so only prednisone etc etc

World wide it is suspected that a combination of pathogens from different groups (so not always the same 3 pathogens) can cause sarcoidosis, as a last defense resort from the puzzled body (immobilizing stuff).

With different groups: I mean pathogens that have different methods to harass or evade the normal immune response (like 10 different ways) Those problems wouldn’t occur less likely with a healthy person and only one pathogen. Of course there could also be some DNA predisposition.

Anyways pathogens. I found an unbelievable collection of options with valid external lab research and invalid personal research. Using a microscope and al kinds of biofeedback chemical paints and RNA or pcr tests. So ” auto immune” with a underlying reason. I had nightmares from it one night. As I suspected only mycoplasma’s in the beginning. And I saw/found so much more. It’s horrible to see what happens in the blood of an immunocompromised person when heaving extreme magnifier tools. Cool was uniquely confirming rna lab analysis with spooky biofeedback (chances where a needle in a hay stack: e.g. 16728).

I bought 4 spookys last summer, biofeedback, plasma. I had to learn a lot, a whole lot (weeks, months). Had some terrible or even dangerous herxes. I’d rather die than stay ill and die anywayz. Ups and downs. Poisoned liver also maybe from a too fast kill and or wrong/fast detox. My hart almost stopped a couple of times when killing too much at once (I was so happy I found it and hated those small beings a whole lot) and clotting oxygen supply up. I had excellent safes from all kinds of terrible things. I think I can still see because of spooky.

I was really ill at the end of last year. Some wins, Some herxes, liver giving extra problems as a bonus :(, much pain in lungs, almost blind, crawling headaches etc.

Assuming sarco was influenced by a combination of pathogens I just started a huge combination therapy of 4 months. Lots of gambles. Shooting a lot meant that I would be bound to hit something eventually.

Herbs, some medz, spooky, spooky silver lungs, some alternative ab, no allergens, detox, biofeedback. No time to waste. all or nothing. No doubt  would ever ever subscribe a combination of all those things.

Long story short….: I said in the hospital that I felt terrible last year, but that I did 4 months of combination therapy. I said I was at my best in years now. (thus looking stupid in the hospital) They didn’t see me last year when things took a wrong turn.
My lungs were healed, no scaring anymore, as was my scarred spleen (spontaneous healed), brain and liver (and eyes) kidneys sinusitis etc. A huge blood panel was normal and al sarco markers were shut off 9only bilu).

I had become a totally uninteresting case. Of course talking about frequencies was strange ;P It must have been a spontaneous remission of 20 years of progressive sarcoidisis 😉 … going 19 years in the same gloomy direction.

Officially I don’t have sarco at this moment!! I have to come back to the hospital ” when I feel ill” or in December for a routine check. As if I ever let any pathogen run it’s course with these tools in the future:D .Begging for the correct antibiotics for months and months and months and months.

So a big thanks to all the contributors on the forum and last but not least all of the spooky team!(!!) It might be possible that it saved my life. Although there is no way to statistically verify that 😉 no valid control group.
Also big thanks to John and David their support and (also) for their patience on my lesser days.

I m not there yet, but I have more time and energy and it is ” less ” complicated. Officially one down, one to go.
Time to address my tick bite from 2006 now (red ring). I have reasonable hope for that as well. Gambling on the correct plasma dna resonance part. Afzelii, Fruh summer, hominus?


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  1. Terry Perrel

    Thank you for this, Echo Lee. I wondered where you had been. I think I, too, have sarcoidosis, in addition to knowing that I have Lyme and con-infections, granuloma annulare, Type 1 diabetes, Hashimots’s, lots of scarring on my lungs, a history of respiratory problems now under control, thanks to S2. I am curious if you tried the Marshall Protocol. It seems that the granuloma problem with an underlying undiagnosed disease started around the time that I started taking heavy doses of Vitamin D3 because of low levels. Meanwhile, I am 1/2 of the way through M/L version 3.0 and and receiving good results. I wish you the best.


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