Only 15 days Spooky2 helps my husband on both eye problems and peripheral neuropathy

By | August 8, 2022

My husband lives in an elderly home and currently I am not allowed to visit due to Covid restrictions. He is 74 and is suffering from many illnesses, eye glaucoma, cataract, diabetic retinopathy, he already lost eyesight on his left eye, so the right eye is very important for him. He also suffers from peripheral neuropathy, chronic back pain etc.
I began treated his peripheral neuropathy via the remote mode using his fingernail on July18 2022. I chose a few related programs and I also put on the detox maintenance program. I could not do the “Terrain” because he is in the elderly home and worried if he’s got herx, it might be difficult for him. Strange things happened on the third n forth day, he said he discharged lots of tears on the third and forth night, which was very unusual. On the fifth morning he said he’s got less floaters and he could see a bit clearer than before. Mind you I have not even began with the eye programs, just the neuropathy and detox. Anyway, he felt that the burning sensation he suffers daily was much milder, less floater and he can see slightly clearer. Encouraged by this progress, I decided to begin with the eye remote treatment on the seventh day. I chain up eyesight to improve, cataract, floater, glaucoma as well as diabetic retinopathy. I also started with scalar energy during the day on his fingernails. I began imprinting water by cold laser and brought it to him ( they allow supplies but no visits)
Long story short, I obtain his feedback every 2 days to see if I am on the right direction.
Today August 2 2022, 15 days later, he said:
burning sensation almost gone, pins n needles half of before. Back pain was level 9-10…is now 6, floaters was 7-8….now 4-5, eyesight clarity was 9-10 … 5-6, not so afraid of lights.
Less swollen feet, sleep better and better appetite and more energy.
It’s only been15 days and I just want to share the above story to show that spooky really really helps. Thank you John White and the whole Spooky team. Love to you all.

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