Spooky2 Saved My Son From Vomiting and Stomach ache

Vomiting and stomach ache stopped to my 5-year-old son doing only detox maintenance. Amazing results. My son got up in the morning sick and pale, but with no fever. Started doing detox (10v) and after only 3 hours, the stomach ache and the vomiting stopped internally. The color came back to his face and he… Read More »

Survived MMD With the Help of GX and Scalar

Thanks, John, Penny, and staff, My wife was diagnosed with Myotonic Muscular Dystrophy (MMD) by the doctors, and when I did the first Scalar scan with a GX it was really just Multiple sclerosis (MS). This for me was baffling as the doctors gave my wife another illness the scan has shown. Needless to say,… Read More »

Useful Detoxification of Water Using Spooky2 Scalar

Scalar re-structures and organizes the water so it becomes free from the energy of any toxicity or chemicals by transforming it to a higher non-hazardous vibration, therefore any effects of lower vibrations/toxicity will not hold energetically in the water, all frequencies must harmonize, a lower frequency will match itself to a higher frequency in its… Read More »

Better Sleep in a Spooky2 Scalar Field

If you have a scalar setup, you will be able to note differences after you’ve been in the field for a while. I got mine and put my wife in the field the first night. She sat there telling me she couldn’t feel anything different…2 hours past her normal bedtime! Another friend had a similar… Read More »