Spooky2 Helped Me with Migraines

I have been having migraines with visual aura for almost 40 years. At one time I was given sumatriptan, but when I took it, I became horribly nauseated and was way sicker than just having a migraine. Totally not worth it. Recently I started getting an aura, so I used Spooky2 remote and ran a… Read More »

My Toothache Was Gone After Using Spooky2 for One Night

I had a sudden toothache one evening after eating a bowl of ice cream, the pain was horrible. It was too late for a dentist and I dont take OTC pain killers. I recently bought the GenX Pro, so I looked up a couple of programs to run remotely. As quickly as an hour into… Read More »

My Friends’ Pain Was Much Better

My friend was having severe leg cramps at night. After 30 minutes sitting in the scalar field the pain lessen by 2/3rds. She was amazed. She had intended to return for another scalar session the following day, but she had so much energy and felt so good she decided to do spring cleaning! 3 days… Read More »