Lump on knee

This lump appeared overnight, not really sure what it was, we tried the tens pads and they helped, then we tried the knee pads and these were better, after 8 sessions it had 98% gone, its incredible, we just used arthritis rheumatism as that’s what i thought it was, we have used the Xpro generator… Read More »

Can’t wait to dive in deeper!

It’s a bit intimidating, but I’ve slowly been easing into the system. I ran terrain low power on a friend’s dog who was in pain. Vet couldn’t diagnose, so just prescribed meds. Seemed like some sort of spine/nerve issue. Then I did BFB. Then a variety of frequencies to do with spine, nerves, and pain.… Read More »

I was making progress detoxing

I already emailed you this, but I will tell my you my story again. I do want to share this with others. I want to start by sharing my story. I work as a firefighter in the US. I had to wear masks when going on medical calls. I apparently developed bi-lateral due to wearing… Read More »