Look Forward to Discovering Spooky2

I’m new to Spooky2, on the terrain detox at the moment.. All good so far! Excellent customer service as I tracked the products arrival, so didn’t need to stress about it coming all the way from China. Beautiful case! I’m looking forward to discovering what spooky2 can do!! Thanks Team! Keep up the good work!!

Sleep Within the Scalar Field Helps to Increase My Energy Levels

I have been sleeping within the scalar field since receiving the spooky2 scalar device. I have experienced a definite increase in my energy levels since then. Started out applying the pure scalar field across my body with noticeable results. Then I started applying the field longitudinally with the transmitter at my feet. This is proving… Read More »

My Kidney Disease Is Getting Better

I have stage 3b kidney disease and purchased a GenX to specifically address this problem. I have been running Kidney Balance and Correction on remote since early July along with Detox Maintenance on the second remote. Blood work on 8/30/21 revealed that my BUN decreased from 38 to 35, my creatinine decreased 1.52 to 1.46,… Read More »