Spooky2 Works On Any Form of Pain

It works so well for me and my friend for pain. I wish everyone had a spooky2 so they wouldn’t have to suffer. I just use the morphine frequency and that’s worked for me every time. If my back hurts, I add song of the spine. It worked for a friend with his dental pain,… Read More »

Back Pain Completely Gone

Here’s a lovely success story. A friends parents in their late 70s were visiting, both had terrible back pain, the gentleman’s was from an old spinal injury, the lady’s a recent car accident. He was used to living with pain, she was on strong pain killers that were wiping her out but only slightly dulling… Read More »

Spooky2 Dental Programs For Root Canal

Success…..I am new to Rifing. I purchased an XM gen kit. We were vacationing out of the country and right before we left, my husband’s root canal started up. He had pain and was afraid it was going to need to be pulled out. I ran every dental program I could find, abcess, pain, etc.… Read More »

Swollen Lymph Glands Reduced Successfully

Me too as sometimes when mixing a bunch of frequencies that may require healing or killing, H Bomb takes out the guess work. I also successfully reduced swollen lymph glands in my neck with H Bomb last night. The day before I woke up up with a swelling and pain on my left side of… Read More »