Spooky2 Works on Healthy as Well as Unhealthy and Dogs Too

I have used Spooky2 since December 2021. I used it on myself only for three weeks. I am 53 years old healthy and not using any medications and have no known illnesses. I had already done a frequency detox patch for a month before starting. I started with the Terrain program in one generator and… Read More »

Spooky2 Improved My Energy Level and Overall Health

I decided not to wait for the ‘med-bed’ to come to market ( if ever) and purchased several Spooky machines. Spooky is a great product even though it is disliked by big pharma for obvious reasons. NO$$$ to be made. I have had my machines running for 3 weeks now and can already feel the… Read More »

Spooky2 Is Something Every Household Needs

I have been aware of rifing for many years and have experienced several of the very expensive models. I have been a Wellness Practitioner for 20 years. The Spooky 2 out performs them on many levels. It is something every household needs.