Thanks for the Video Support

I want to thank you for the video support that you offer. It has been so helpful to watch all the intro videos on how to operate the equipment and software. I have been especially happy to watch the seminars/training courses that you have available. The trainers are so knowledgeable and really have a true… Read More »


I finally started using the Scalar several months ago on my mom. She is 82 and has severe Osteoporosis. She also got shingles a month ago. She sleeps in the scalar field every night. The shingles went away much quicker than I was anticipating, which I attribute to the scalar. She also says that she… Read More »

Spooky2 continues to help

I have been using Spooky for over a year, but it feels like much longer. I have run various programs for my little 14y.o. dog continuously and he has been helped through several problems from cough, mood, soreness, itchiness, terrain, and healing. I use it on my issues and I have had many successes myself,… Read More »

Spooky2 Blows My Mind

Spooky keeps blowing my mind… a few months ago my ten year old laughed when eating a piece of burger patty, and then said it hurt to breathe. After making sure he wasn’t choking or unable to breathe, I ran a Biofeedback scan on him, and the minute I started running his Biofeedback Frequencies on… Read More »

Help Cut to Heal, Spooky2 Truly Works

Want to post another testimonial on how well the spooky2 works. Yesterday I was cutting an avocado and sliced the skin open on the right ring finger at the crease of the knuckle at my my hand… didn’t bleed much but it was open where I could see muscle and ligaments… didn’t hurt much so… Read More »