Spooky2 Saved Me from Pain in A Tooth

Spooky2 saved me from significant throbbing pain in a tooth that needed a root canal. I ran the dental frequencies around the clock with no pain, it was amazing.

Spooky2 Addresses Various Health Issues

I love my Spooky2 kit. It has helped relieve a friend with cancer pain as well as been a tool for the whole family (including our animals) to address various health issues. Its excellent value for money and there’s great support and a good community. Highly recommended.

Spooky2 Made Me Improve from Fatigue and Inflammation

After a few years of sever fatigue and constant illness with no results from the medical field, I gave Spooky2 a try along with Naturopathic support. It was slow going with 2 XM generators to start with, but after following the Terrain and Morgellons and Lyme protocol along with biofeedback with Spooky2 pulse I started… Read More »

All My Patients Are Well Pleased with Spooky2

As a research bio-physicist I have used the Spooky2 XM remote kits on 8 different patients to resolve chronic lower back pain, stenosis issues, chronic knee pain and shoulder rotator cuff pain. Also used to resolve immune system problems…specifically used to raise both red and white blood cell counts for 4 chemo patients and raise… Read More »