We Have Continued To Have Success On My Family Members

Finally, we got a window to run Terrain on my husband, daughter, and me! We have continued to have such success on my daughter’s mental health issues over the past 5 months, that I had to purchase another XM and a GenX to accommodate everyone. The two XM’s run on my daughter 24/7 and have… Read More »

My Husband’s PSA Number Had Decreased

Great news to share! A year ago my husband had Prostrate cancer robotic surgery. Results were excellent except over the past 6 months his PSA number has been increasing. It is supposed to be less than .1 but had increased to .4 and his doctor wanted to start radiation. My husband said he wanted to… Read More »

No Sign Of Cracked Teeth

I have some amazing results to report. About 2 years ago my dentist told me that I needed a crown. (I had been eating frozen Kind bars….not a good idea). I went to another dentist who said I needed TWO crowns and showed me photos of the cracked teeth. I immediately began running remote Spooky2… Read More »

I Have No Stiffness At All In My Knuckles

I have had my spooky gear about two months. I’ve run the 11 day terrain protocol and then bi-weekly BFB scans For a long time I have always done hand yoga so that my joints don’t calcify, because I’m holding my mobile and using my computer mouse a lot. My knuckles have been a bit… Read More »

The Contact Mode Really Improved My Diabetes

I was very skeptical at first yet always interested in trying ways to improve my diabetes. Been using the remote method (as shown by another user) and was not very impressed. I have now started using the contact method with really improved results. Giving me much more hope and determination. So happy that I’ve purchased… Read More »