Feeling Better in Energy, Stamina, And Focus Using Spooky2 Scalar

Experiment #1 1 week just Scalar, Notes. Hearing improvement noted. Rest more soundly, noted Thinking clearer. Noted 2 weeks just Scalar. Same as the first week with notable body changes. More frequent bathroom breaks. Every 2 to 3 hours at night. Noticing liver spots on my hands getting lighter in color. 4 days break from… Read More »

I Slept Really Well After Using Spooky2 Scalar

I have had my Spooky2 Scalar devices for three days. They’re on either side of my bed separated at the connection cord’s length. I am certainly sleeping more soundly. Last night, I woke up at 03:00 and felt hungry, so I had a protein drink and juice. Then I slept until 08:00 for the first… Read More »

No More Pain in My Shoulders after Using Spooky2

My shoulders were healed using rife frequencies. XM at first, now GX Remote. I used to take aspirin every night at 8. By 2 am I hurt so bad I sat in my chair the rest of the night. That was 2 years ago. It took 2 months to get full pain relief. No more… Read More »