The Wart Dried up and Disappeared in 4 Days.

I had a wart on my hand, I could have just used a fingernail clipping with remote, but I clipped a piece of the wart, wrapped it in paper tape and put it in the remote. I ran general wart frequencies (no BFB) and the wart dried up and disappeared in 4 days.

The Pain and Headache are Gone

After all, running all protocol my liver hurts. I can feel all the loads of toxin in my liver. I did coffee enema back to back. I add some drops of colloidal silver and magnesium ionic, and essential oil lemon, origano, zengest, frankincense, on guard from dōTERRA. The pain is gone. Enjoying rifing. Headache is… Read More »

Bad Sciatica Improved Largely

My friend had bad sciatica going on for months. He was under very strong meds that helped to lessen the pain only a little bit and it was going to be difficult just to walk. I started the sciatica frequencies in Remote. After 3 days I chained healing and regeneration to the sciatica program and… Read More »