Eye Floaters Disappeared After Using Spooky2

A success story! The past few years I’ve noticed that I’ve been getting a big increase in the number of floaters in my eyes, as well as they are getting bigger and darker….they are very noticeable all the time. So a couple of months ago I ran a program for eye floaters and when I… Read More »

Enlarged Prostate Reduced

I have had a Genx for 6 months and in that time it has reduced my enlarged prostate to the point that I don’t need surgery anymore. There are 2 other people in my area that had the same results. It made my eye floaters from cataract surgery disappear to the amazement of my optometrist.… Read More »

Peripheral Benefits of Using Scalar

Good morning! I am aware that using Scalar overnight and for extended hours has its peripheral benefits! My plants have grown tremendously, my Christmas cactus bloomed last week… but this… I just noticed this morning while playing with my 13 year old Maltese… it looks like his cataracts have disappeared! I have looked at them… Read More »