I Battle Lyme Disease With Spooky2’s Help

I started using the Spooky 2 rife machine to battle Lyme disease last December. I have since found much relief from joint pain and stiffness. I subsequently purchased a plasma generator and light and have used it as well to continue gaining improved health and healing. I recommend both and also want to say the… Read More »

Spooky2 Helped My Lyme and Co-infections

My story is I have been battling Lyme and co-infections for 6 years now. Spooky2 has not only helped me in my healing journey, but I also help others with Lyme disease for free that can not afford treatment. I also make homeopathic for people, and even colloidal silver for people with the Spooky2. As… Read More »

Spooky2 Improved My Lyme Disease

Many years ago I had severe Lyme disease which left my body quite fatigued after the battle was done. Running Spooky2 Lyme detox and support programs have improved my energy level. I’m amazed how much lighter I feel! I now have four generators running continually with personalized programs for each family member’s symptoms. We are… Read More »