My Energy Was Boosted By Spooky2

I tried Spooky 2, generator X with my son. I tried it with contact. My program was for fibromyalgia, hair loss, hypothyroidism, chakras, aura. While I was reading everything I could on the internet, the device was working on me. Maybe for 2 hours. I remember that my energy was boosted. No more tiredness, no… Read More »

We Stay Ahead of Local Illnesses By Spooky2

We work in area hospital & County Mental Health Clinic. Feel we stay ahead of local illnesses much better now than before by using Spook2 products. Also using Spooky2 GX Remote to stay ahead of COVID.

Spooky2 Is A Part of My Global Health Strategy

Spooky2 is helping me, my friends and family to deal with anxiety, allergies, lyme disease. It’s improving my quality of life, along with other modalities like herbs. I’m very happy to use Spooky2 as a part of my global health strategy.

Spooky2 Helped Me to Regain My Health

I have suffered for many years with a host of different diseases. I have found that the frequencies and the method of transmission have helped me to regain my health. I have used this machine to treat my patients for cancer, cyst, abdominal ailments, ears, eyes and muscles. All to which has responded favourably.