Fast Healing with Remote and Plasma!

Hi All, I just wanted to tell about some of my most memorable experiences with Spooky2. My sister had skin cancer on her eyelids so I used Spooky2 remote for her and within a week the cancer had shrunk and finally disappeared completely. My favorite experience for my self was: I had had a tooth… Read More »

Quick Relief from Chemtrails: Effective Program Results

There are great programs for chemtrails detox. After running the frequencies on the remote I got immediate relief in the sinus and stomach area. I was able to concentrate much better right away. But I wonder is there any protection against the programming /frequencies that are supposed to eradiate in the chemtrails. We always feel… Read More »

Fast Stroke Recovery with Spooky2: Remarkable Results in 14 Days

Post Stroke results using Spooky2 with 2 generators. A family member allowed me to support them after leaving the hospital to recover from a stroke. The picture shows their energy after leaving the hospital on the left and 14 days later on the right using Spooky2 Remotes and supporting programs. No terrain program was used… Read More »

Quick Relief from Painful Flatulence and Fungus

Songs of the spine and feeling the vertebrae release. Also my son’s lactose issue with painful flatulence. Screaming in pain after someone accidentally gave him dairy. I put on programmes for the above and he stopped screaming and slept the night. Foot fungus and nail fungus going away after more than ten years of nothing working.… Read More »

Ear Infection Healed in 2 Weeks with Genx, BFB, and Terrain

When my ear infection from the past 2 years healed. I’ve had pus coming out of my ear everyday and everyone told me to go see a doctor specialist. Tried penicillin didn’t work and all sorts of alternative stuff… After doing terrain and many BFB – got my Genx in March last year and I did… Read More »