Parasites and Virulent Pathogens and Systemic Candida

By | May 30, 2016

I have been using my Spooky2 and I am learning more every day. It is both simple and overwhelming at the same time.

I have worked in traditional medicine for a number of years, designing medical technology and am a named inventor on a number of patents. That said, I have become increasingly convinced that energy technologies are a completely valid and effective mechanism for both diagnosing and treating health problems (despite what the FDA allows in the way of claims).

Despite the formal policy that Spooky2 is not a mechanism for diagnosing disease, I have detected through biofeedback scans for two friends that one was at high risk for cardiovascular disease – she was focused on treating her Lyme issues, but scan came up with 5 top hits related to heart disease and she is now adding a stress test with her doctor and other good measures for her heart given she is in her early 60s and both of her grandfathers and her father died from heart attacks in their late 60s, and another friend at high risk for adult onset diabetes – again scan came up with several top hits and when we tested for blood sugar, fasting and after a meal and ran ale test for blood glucose the results confirmed likelihood of borderline to clear diabetes diagnosis.

I am continuing to better understand how to use the remotes and contact pads for healing and killing pathogens, and how to detect the bugs to kill (had some trouble detecting the source of a chest infection for a friend, and a second round of broad spectrum antibiotics has not cleared the issue either, so it must be a very tough problem).

I am also working to recover my gut health because I contracted Giardia in China in late January, and a botched series of antibiotics killed most of my good intestinal bacteria and made me quite ill. I have elminated the parasites and virulent pathogens and systemic Candida (all of which showed up on a culture test and then later test showed all were gone!) but I continue to have diarrhea that I have not been able to improve via Spooky2 or diet or probiotic supplements or otherwise. I am optimistic, however, and feel that I will find a way to regain normal digestion. It s too bad there is not a frequency set to specifically promote beneficial gut bacteria.

I have recommended Spooky2 to several of my friends, and I help others with their health as much as I have time. I appreciate that this technology and all of the support exists. I just wish I could learn all of the nuances faster!

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