Parasites In the Body are Killed

By | August 23, 2019

Dear Penny, Thanks for your reply. I have researched and tested a few programs, and it seems that worms in face/nose responds to the ascaris programs. Especially ascaris progs using Scalar, you will sense immediate twitching and wiggling and some start swimming around. Disgusting creatures- when I find out where they are, they can be killed. I’ve experimented with settings and are using the basics of Hulda Clark by using 2500 hz, 100% positive voltage, 90% duty cycle 19.5v on out1 and nothing on out2. Important to turn off the swap waveform setting by setting it to zero. This setup gives me the highest measured output voltage when measuring with a multimeter. I use the carbonized rubber handles and hold one in the hand and touch the other on the skin applying just enough preassure to feel it affect the pasasite. You will feel an increasingly heating/NOrning sensation wirh a kind of snap at the end. It takes most often less than a minute. And the parasite dies. The next day you will get a red lump on the spot, outlining the dead parasite releasing its internal toxins/bacteria. When you have done this over time, the body gets better handling the dead parasite and reactions are less ans less.

PS. First times one uses the described zapping setup, one should first just holding each handle in each hands for 10 minutes followed by 20 min break, three times, per Hulda Clark recommendations. I got extreme die off, just by doing this the first two times. Approz 500-2000 dead parasites per session visible as lumps under skin. Often following close to blood vessels as airplanes attatched to a terminal. Anyway, the Spooky2 GX and regular scalar every night for healing has done wonders so far. I just follow through the M&L Protocol and occationally re-run progs as needed. It’s like three-four steps ahead with one step back, progress wise. Combined with ocxational coffee enemas and drinking glasses of water all day with himalaya-salt with teaspoon of vit-C and tbsp of vinegar alternating. Thanks for all the good info and help along the way.

worms in face nose

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