Plasma Helped with My Migraines Symptoms

By | November 2, 2020

For many years I get migraines approximately twice per month, usually triggered by stress, weird or little sleep, or similar. I find myself waking up in the night in quite bad pain and usually vomit several times. They last no longer than 24 hours so I suppose I am lucky. Anyway, lately, I started to treat migraines with plasma healing and the migraine program plus headache program. I lie down and put a plasma bulb right behind the crown of my head. It seems to work! Although I feel still a bit nauseous during the actual treatment I get up after and it seems all gone -no pain or vomiting. Just a tiny little bit of dizziness left. I noticed that within the usual 24-hour migraine attack it can come back for a second weaker round after the first treatment followed by many blissful pain-free hours -so I retreat another time. This is a very small price to pay for reducing those issues so much, so grateful, just thought I share with my fellow Spookies.


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