Prostate Cancer with Metastases in the Bones is Almost Gone

By | November 12, 2019

Hello To all,

Last 6 months I have a patient who came in after a hospital diagnosis with severe prostate cancer. His PSA values were 450 or higher. Metastases were visible on the MRI scan in the vertebrae, so prognosis was poor. The subjective quality of life was normal. They planned chemotherapy for 6 months and hormone therapy to reduce the PSA values. He was taken into a schedule of 3 to 4 weeks per chemo session.

At that time he came to me to ask for help. We made a schedule to bring me a visit after every chemo session in the following week, effectively once a month. With the Hunter, I always checked and treated the status. Sometimes he got bacterial lung infection, sometimes liver stagnation, sometimes bladder infection or weakness in the kidneys or heart muscle. So we could follow the effect of his chemotherapy. I had to balance him on every session on the Bicom machine and treated him to boost the immune system. I have special programs that are developed to improve blood quality. Sometimes I give him frequencies of EPO for red blood cell stimulation, or sometimes NEUPOGEN for white blood cell stimulation. Simply by adding these frequencies in the signal. I do this especially because the effect of chemo is that you kill cancer cells, but at the same time the white blood cells that can clean up your blood are also killed.

After 1 hour of Hunter and Bicom therapy, I give him a Rife treatment on the Spooky2 Central with the phanotron bulb on his belly for prostate cancer treatment or the long tube on his back for bone metastases, and lung or kidney infections. Total session time is always around 2 hrs. The effect was that he said that he had more energy than before his chemo. Could work in the garden or go to his job as a taxi driver. Simply select the Spooky Plasma Advanced preset, select “prostate cancer”, set the gating to 3.6 Hz instead of 4 Hz. In bioresonance theory 3.6 Hz is related to intracellular activities.

After the 6 months of combi-treatment, he was again taken in the hospital for an MRI scan and blood tests. The latest PSA value was 10. But amazingly enough, the scan showed no trace of bone defects. All metastases gone. 2 Comments of the oncologist: “I never saw someone that has so many white blood cells after chemo.” “I never saw disappearing bone metastases before.” So we happily had a coffee and laughed for half an hour.

I think we have to continue for another half a year or so, to be 100% sure all cancer will be gone.

Again another miracle by the Spooky team.
I know I did something good, but it remains a wonder.

Prostate Cancer with metastases


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