Prostate Inflammation Reduced Noticeably

By | March 12, 2020

I first tried repeating existing frequency sets when I decided to help the prostate and I ran the 18 minute prostate frequency set three times on a contact healing shell. It did reduce the inflammation noticeably and took the heat off the organ. Today, the broad spectrum antibiotic contact set. 10 “greatest hits” and after two run throughs I got a delightfully effective bowel motion again with light colours that implied dead worm bodies in the stool (white-ish) and little black dots in it. Things that I read somewhere (don’t quote me) these little black dots were parasite eggs, possibly tapeworm. On the settings page I added the 0.05% wobble. So with some of these sets, running them once or twice a day can be cool, but repeating them back to back can be more powerful then just a one go run through.


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