Saved My Father From Possible COVID19 Symptoms Using Spooky2

By | September 28, 2020

Last April my 87-year-old dad said one morning – “last night my lungs hurt so bad I thought I was having a heart attack and have never experienced anything like it in my whole life!” By 2 pm his voice was gone, visibly growing weak, and could barely speak. A few months earlier we added scalar to our radionics in the event of a COVID infection… I scanned his body for one hour. The reverse lookup said Corona Virus and Candida. For about 1 min I freaked out then had to get to work. I hit him with all the firepower I have. Scalar, plasma, remote in killing mode for Covid19. The next morning he said he was totally exhausted but his symptoms were gone. The next day was similar with the same treatments. The next day I asked how do you feel? He says “TOTALLY NORMAL!!!” with force in his voice. He wasn’t tested for Covid19 but whatever it was it hit fast and hard. Also used the remote on myself in killing mode for three days. Did not get sick.

Thank you, John and Spooky2 team members!!!


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