Secret to Baby Sleep? Daily Wellness!

By | June 6, 2024

Dear Spooky2 Family, someone using spooky2 asked me to share with her my program for a good night’s rest with spooky2. You see, I have been dealing with insomnia and then headaches the next day, not to mention a lack of productivity as a result. I’ve lost days in productivity. In looking to see how I can solve this with Spooky2, I came across Daily Wellness (R) – BY and tried it. Result: I have been sleeping like a baby ever since. When I don’t use it, I notice I go back to having issues falling asleep. Maybe I need to do this for 21+ days to be able to skip a night. In addition, to utilize my Spooky2’s other remote, I have been running Detox Maintenance at the same time. Together, these 2 programs have been working beautifully for me and I am soo happy to be able to sleep like a baby again. It’s life-changing. Hope this is helps someone else as well. … later addition: forgot to mention that my Doc prescribed strong sleeping pills. After reading their crazy side effects like sleep walking and driving, I decided not to take and was able to solve my insomnia this way.


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