Sore Throat And Toothache Went Away Using Spooky2

By | December 18, 2019

The power of Remote treatments impresses me all the time. I woke with a sore throat this morning had a lozenge on the way to work and it only helped for maybe 20 mins. I remoted into my Spooky2 system from my iPhone app Google Remote Desktop and ran “Sore Throat” frequency and “Immune System Stimulation”. The soreness started going away in about 30 mins. It’s now noonish here and it’s all gone. I will continue to run both for a week and add vitamin C to my Scalar Receiver side tonight when I sleep.

Last Sunday my daughter said her front lower tooth has been giving her some pain. I checked and did not see any cavities. Without telling her I ran a few Dental and Tooth Ache frequencies on Remote for her. 1 hour later she said, “Dad the toothache just somehow went away”. I chuckled and told her I was running treatments for her. I’ll continue to run them for a week and if needed we will see a dentist. Thanks, Spooky2!

12.18 Sore Throat


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