Spooky Central for Elbow Injury

By | March 31, 2016

I personally have found SC easier to use. That is most likely so because I have been using Spooky2 for 1 year and some very basic familiarity with using Spooky2. Understanding some Spooky2 basis made it less intimidating when the (in comparison) huge SC with all its cables, etc arrived. I have used the PEMF cables on an elbow injury 1 time and noted some minor improvement after the short period used. I used the plasma 1 hour for healing of connective issue as an initial intro to see how everything works. It set off a herx. This has given me a profound respect for how powerful SC is. I will be using it again today, but increasing the detox program I run 24/7 on a Spooky2. I purchased SC as an addition to the 6 Spooky generators I have successfully used on myself and others because I have had success with the Spooky2 and wanted to add to them.

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