Spooky for the Flu

By | April 26, 2016

I am stealing some of my posts from the Rife Forum. This was my first trial with Spooky;


I believe I have had success twice using Spooky for the Flu (SV40 Virus).

The first case was a couple of weeks ago. My husband had been out gator hunting on a Fri. night and didn’t get to bed until 3 a.m. Sat morning. I sleep like the dead so not knowing what time he got home, I wanted to be quiet so he could sleep in. I decided to do some testing on him via my radionics device. One of the things that came up in this testing was “Flu Virus”. I didn’t think much of it as my husband RARELY gets sick and figured maybe I was picking up a not yet manifested condition. Later in the morning I went to the bedroom to check on my husband since I had expected him to at least be awake if not fully functional by this time. He was semi-awake and not feeling well. He said he’d felt nauseous since 3:30 a.m. I told him I’d fix it and to go back to sleep.

I then dowsed the CAFL and found SV40 (simian virus) to be a ‘match’. I ran just that frequency set for the next 24 hours. Within 2 hours his nausea had gone away and he slept for most of the day. When he awoke, he felt much better…just tired. He stayed in bed, watched TV and then slept all of Sat night. Sunday morning he was well.

Last evening my husband and I stopped by to see his best friend (and fellow gator hunter) who is paralyzed from the chest down. His friend said that he had not been feeling well for 2 days and nausea was one of his symptoms. I told him to clip his fingernails and I would see if I could do something. As he is on quite a few medications and his disability affects his body functions in many ways, I didn’t know if I could do anything successful overnight. I dowsed him against a few things in the CAFL and he matched both the SV40 freqs and “winter flu and cold”(?) plus something else I may run later. Since the SV40 set runs for over 60 minutes, I just ran that set. I phoned him a few minutes ago and he says he feels much better. I will re-dowse him later today to see if he ‘cleared’ the condition and if he still matches the other flu freq. set.

Follow up on my husband’s friend and the SV40 freq set.
Last evening (which would have been a few hours shy of running the set for 24 hours), I dowsed to see if my husband’s friend had ‘cleared’ the virus. I got a response on the pendulum that I interpret as being ‘on the line’. In other words he had basically killed off the virus but it wasn’t completely out of his system yet so I planned on running the set another 12 hours (overnight). I anticipated that he would be feeling fine.

I had my husband call his friend for an update. His friend said he felt fine…..and “thanks” (this is funny because neither my husband or his friend have any interest or faith in my electromedicine endeavors. *I* consider it a success story because I am familiar with his friend’s history of difficult to treat infections due to his paralysis.)

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