Spooky is Saving My Life

By | August 12, 2016

I woke this morning to the familiar pain of a gall stone becoming stuck in the biliary tube.

As usual, my first port of call with any pain, is to apply magnesium oil to the area which relaxes muscle spasm, most useful also in the event of a cardiac arrest. It gave some relief.

Having received my Phanotron yesterday, l plugged it in and set it away with the gall bladder spasm pain set and the CAFL for cholecystitis.

It worked and the pain, nausea and headache were gone within 30 mins and l was able to have my breakfast. The plasma tube also works as well so l can’t really say if Phanotron is better.

Spooky is saving my life at present as l am so sensitive to chemicals that an operation will kill me, so thank you very much.

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