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By | January 27, 2023

We had been running the cancer protocol and I did the terrain beforehand. We ran it for breast cancer and various other programs as we found out that it had spread to the bones.
Two weeks after using the genX and plasma, I slept with the plasma overnight. I developed a bruise and it was a significant one too. It changed shape also and I would say got a little bigger. The hospital tried to say it was from the biopsy, that was taken in July! We were in October at this point. I had one session of chemo and I felt it disappear.
After 3 sessions of weekly chemo. We had an MRI (as luck would have had it, I signed up for a trial). The results from the scan are it’s no longer measurable 🙌 my lymph nodes have gone from 11mm down to 9mm.
I believe that this machine killed the cancer cells and the chemo finished it off very very quickly.
I have my bone scan and CT scan this coming week. So I will update you all on here.
This has been the best investment we have ever made. It’s worked on a friend who has a prolapse and she could feel it moving back into place. It’s worked on so many other various things too such as tooth pain from a tooth being removed, instantly. Athlete’s foot. So many more things.
Thank you so much Spooky 2 for such an incredible machine.
When I return back to work, this machine will definitely be coming back with me

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