Spooky2 Central: Rapid Relief and Healing Power!

By | July 5, 2024

Hi Jillian,I’ve had Spooky2 Central Plasma with 6 generators for going on 2 years and I wouldn’t be without it!
We’ve seen quite a few healings with this unit.Just to name a few…I’ve got 5 herniated discs in my neck and couldn’t drive a car without being
hunched over in pain after 30 minutes.I set up a remote generator with disc programs and within 5 minutes my neck pain was (and still is)95%gone! I’m not kidding you,my pain was gone within 5
minutes!I cured a 40+year prostate infection that antibiotics barely touched!I’ve brought my PSA levels drastically down.When my 85 year old mother in law was on her death bed she developed a urinary tract infection which had her trying to pee every hour or two.I put her
fingernails in a remote with U.T.I.programs and within 12 hours she was comfortable and peeing normally.Many more…Reduced tumors.Etc.Hope this helps.

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