Spooky2 Ended Diseases!

By | November 27, 2019

Hi all !!! Before purchasing my Spooky2 kit I used Rife frequencies to help myself and others so I was very familiar for the most part! Once I did the terrain for myself and my husband and started running whatever frequencies we needed and saw that things were working the same as doing this work manually with my I wands and tensor… I thought I’d won the jackpot!!

Treatments I’ve successfully helped people with vary from pain to cancer! Like I said before I was familiar with Rife frequencies and was pleasantly surprised to see how many were in the Spooky2 program not to mention other things such as oils, herbs, medications, etc.

I have many happy clients and love what it has done for them and for us thus far… there’s so much more to learn about the programs, settings, etc but I haven’t panicked about it because the presets are wonderful!

I haven’t had a disappointed client yet and word of mouth has made my clientele grow… that in itself speaks for itself !!

Cleaning the body is so important… just that makes my clients realize GX is doing something even though it’s hard to believe…

I’m feeling very blessed to have added this to my work and plan to purchase other items in the future!!
Thank you to Spooky2 and the Spooky2 team!!!

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