Spooky2 Generator Helped My Dad And Me With Arthritis And Migraine

By | February 21, 2022

I was a bit nervous of using my XM generator, at first, and had a few teething problems, due to this being new to me and I had to learn what to do. After all of that I became more confident and realised that the equipment is actually easy to use, and you have to get used to how to do the programs, etc.
I use my generator on a daily ‘basis. I use it for my dad who has a few problems. When I do the remote, he knows when its working as he gets the sensations, in his fingers (he has arthritis, and numbness in 3 fingers. find this amazing as he is 98 miles away. I’ve had some success with migraine, and I am still experimenting, to find the right program to use, for most effectiveness. Mild symptoms have gone whilst using the machine. I have recommended the rife machines to a few friends who have health issues. The starter pack that I bought is pretty reasonable pricewise, when you consider what you can do with these machines. Mine has certainly made a difference, to me and my dad. Its better than taking pills, any way.

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