Spooky2 GenX Helped My Girlfriend’s Arthritis And Macular Degeneration

By | April 11, 2022

I would like to share about an experiment I did with my Spooky2 GenX.
My girlfriend and I went to a casino for the night. My friend has Arthritis in her back and Macular Degeneration which I had both programs on my GenX.
When we were walking to our room, I could tell her back was bothering her and she was walking very slow and had a little off-balance walk. When we got to our room, I started both of the programs and then we went to the casino.
When we came back to our room to take a nap, I started the programs again.
About 3 hours later we woke up and went to the casino. While we were walking, I noticed she was walking faster and upright. I said Hey slow down your act like you are in a Marathon, she said I don’t have any pain. I couldn’t believe how she was standing straight up and walking so fast.
Then she told me they put plugs in her tear ducts to keep the moisture in her eyes. She said since using the program her eyes were watering. She said they never do that. So, I guess that is a good thing.
Since that night she is listening to the frequencies on you tube. She said she isn’t having any pain so that is awesome.
I plan on showing her more of what she can do with Spooky2.
Thanks everyone for helping me to learn so much about healing myself and others.
I am now trying the Pemf Coil to help another friend.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/spooky2/posts/2202814523213772/

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