Spooky2 Given Me A Chance of Normality Life

By | June 12, 2020

I contracted Lyme Disease when on holiday in the French Alps. I did not know anything about Lyme disease and thought nothing of the tick bite. However of the next few months my health declined and long story short I found out that I had contracted Lyme disease. A friend who had the same told me about their long term plight of Lyme disease and suggested that I try Spooky 2, which had helped them against their fight. Now I am a sceptic and thought “what the heck have I got to loose”. Never had I thought that I would be able to go back to work. Thanks to Spooky 2 I am now a year later about 60% better. I still have rough patches and severe fatigue, but I jump back on my Spooky 2 and blast my pathogens getting me back on track. I will be buying the generator X next so I can be rifing whilst working. Thank you Spooky 2, you have given me a chance of normality again in my life.

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