Spooky2 GX has Helped Me and My Family with a Number of Issues.

By | November 11, 2019

I recently discovered Rifing through a Youtube video (Anthony Holland’s TED Talk / 11th Harmonic) and after learning that it may help with various illnesses and diseases I purchased a GX Essentials kit. The international delivery was efficient and arrived after about 4-5 business days. While I was waiting for the unit to arrive, I took the time to learn how to use the Spooky2 GX. There are many great videos that the Spooky2 team has made and I found that all the instructions were clear and it was very easy for me to understand.

I initially used my GX unit to help with my sore/frozen neck that presented with extreme nerve pain (using Remote transmission) and within 48 hours of using it, I was back to normal with no more neck pain. After successfully helping my sore neck, I used the Spooky2 GX on my little nephew who had an extremely swollen Lymph node on his neck. My nephew appeared to be sick with flu-like symptoms. After applying Spooky2 using Remote on my nephew and utilizing the Detox and Lymph based programs; within 48 hours his Lymph node swelling subsided and his neck returned back to normal.

This was amazing to me. After realizing it had helped me and my nephew, I went and applied the Spooky2 PEMF coil for my wife’s sore arm (she is a nail technician and is prone to sore necks and sore arms) and after a couple of sessions, her sore arm normalized. I’m incredibly amazed at how effective my Spooky2 GX has been that I would recommend it to others too.

The biofeedback system on the GX is an excellent tool to know what your body needs and you may easily apply those frequencies.

Source: https://www.spooky2-mall.com/vote-for-your-favorite-spooky2-story/

3 thoughts on “Spooky2 GX has Helped Me and My Family with a Number of Issues.

  1. James Smith

    This post is very interesting and is a job well-done by the customer

    However, with it and with many others posts, it would be very helpful to know exactly which Preset / Programs / Settings were used to achieve the results.

    Why leave people on their own to waste their time guessing? Suppose that 200 Spooky2 customers try to duplicate these results and each customer spends 1 hour or more trying to find or make the preset and test it. Then:

    1. Spooky2 has unnecessarily wasted a minimum of 200 hours of customer time

    2. the customer may not get it right and not benefit from the post.

    I think such information should be a norm for all posts and that is is Spooky2’s role to provide it.

    Best Regards

    1. Echo Lee Post author

      Hello James, thanks for your kind suggestions and we will do better in the future and give more details about how they beat those health issues.


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