Spooky2 Has Helped Me to Regain My True Self

By | June 11, 2020

We have only had our Spooky’s for a couple of months now and we love them. We have used it for migraines and erectile dysfunction extremely successfully. It has changed our sex life, woo hoo! My partner suffers with migraines extremely badly and can be wiped out with pain. He found a spooky solution and it helped straight away. We feel very hopeful about healing his lymphoedema which is extremely hard to treat conventioanlly if at all.

We loved the terrain detox and we could feel the benefits.

There is still so much to explore.

I can feel the slight shifts in my thinking and behaviour. Having experienced deep trauma last year my go to crutch was alcohol and drugs. Since running the addictions program my drinking has gone back to socially and I have changed my drug habits. I could not deal with my addictions because I could not face more loss in my life. The Spooky2 has helped me to regain my true self, to beleive in myself again and want to get back to health and happiness.

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